109 - Welcome to Reunion! I Think… - Vocabulary

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This story goes back a fewyears, January 2014 to be exact. A huge ice storm had just hit myhometownin Toronto. I’m talking fallen trees, power failures in -20 degreeweather, and sadly, people freezing to death.  Meanwhile, here in Reunion island wewere facing some troubles of our own as cyclone Bejisa stormed through, knockingdown trees and sending huge wavesthrough the walls of houses along thecoast.

My little sister, eighteen atthe time, had planned her first vacation. First long plane ride, first timeseeing the ocean, and second real trip away from Canada.  She had two planes to catch, one airporttransfer by bus, thirty-six hours of travelling and she didn’t speak a word ofFrench.  She was leaving from a cold,icy, Toronto without electricity and the plane was set to land in Reunion onthe third of January 2014.  As some ofyou may remember this was just after Bejisa, so I was desperately tryingto find a signal on my phone to find out if her flight had beendelayedand for how long, trying to bail the ankle deep lake out of mycar due to a broken window, and waiting for the roads to open.

Finally, Freedom Radioannounced that the mountain road was open, so we put down a tarp on theseats, so my sister didn’t have to sit in a puddle, and hit the road.  Taking La Montagne to get to the airportright after a cyclone was a challenge to say the least, crossing waterfalls,fallen trees, and electrical lines.

Meanwhile my sister had beenwaiting for hours in St. Denis, after a very long flight and a lot ofmisinformation, she had no way of contacting me and no idea what was goingon.  A look ofrelief swept overher when we finally pulled up in our soaking wet car. She kept her eyesopen the whole way home, commenting on how beautiful our island is! All I couldsee was the mess that Bejisa had left.  

My sister can now look backwith fond memories and remember her first day on the island, which shespent helping us collect hundreds of mangoes exploded all over our garden,sweeping leaves off the patio, andgoing to the beach to have a shower since we still didn’t have water.  And to top it all off, ten days after BejisaEDF happily announced on the radio that there were less than five houses stillwaiting for electricity on the island, of course, our house happened to be oneof those five but like my sister said “At least its not -20°C”.


icestorm - tempête de glace
hometown- ville natale
powerfailure - coupure de courant
tofreeze to death - crever de froid
meanwhile- pendant ce temps 

to knockdown - faire tomber
waves- vagues
desperately- désespérément
signal- réseau
delayed- retardé 

to bailout - écoper
ankledeep - arriver jusqu’aux chevilles
dueto - à cause de
tarp- bâche
puddle- flaque d’eau 

to hitthe road - prendre la route
relief- soulagement
soaking- trempé
fondmemories - bons souvenirs
to sweep - balayer