119 - P*tain des Neiges!

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Here is a story about my recent trip to p*tain des neiges! 

I’m sorry, I mean Piton des Neiges of course. The highest point in the Indian Ocean standing tall at 3069 meters high.

So, on the 14th and 15th of April, a bunch of friends and I decided to embark on a journey of self-discovery and endurance. We started hiking on Saturday at around noon after a hearty lunch of bread and cheese and off we went. For an hour and a half, we climbed slowly but surely. It was a hot day though, so water levels were going down quite quickly and we were desperate to fill our bottles up somewhere. The mountain took mercy on us and after a while we found a beautiful natural source of what looked like nice, clean water to drink from. We figured beggars can’t be choosers and off we continued.

The walk was going well, we were singing marching songs and playing games to keep morale high. After thirty minutes, despite everyone’s tiredness, it seemed people were less eager to walk at the back; they all seemed to want to go quicker. Struggling at the front, I couldn’t understand why, until I ended up behind the majority. It seemed something else had joined our group… A stomach bug… And it was leaving its potent mark in the air…

Before I knew it, we were all covering our noses with our hands the rest of the way to the gite, trying to reach toilets as quickly as humanly possible. Some of the group didn’t make it that far, they sacrificed their pride for relief in a bush, but for the lucky ones, and I use the term lucky very lightly, we managed to get to the gite before it was too late.

I won’t go into details, I wouldn’t want to put anyone off their dinner as they’re listening to this, but I will just say what I have learned from the experience:

First of all, on a long hike, bring extra bottled water, some baby wipes, and don’t trust a source just because nature is beautiful. Also maybe avoid eating cheese beforehand. Oh, and flatulence, much like a strong wind behind you, will help you up a steep mountain.

Interesting side note: In our room that night, each of us partook in an involuntary game of musical beds. But that stays between you, us and the mountain.



bunch - bande

hearty - copieux

slowly but surely - lentement mais surement

to take mercy - avoir pitié

beggars can’t be choosers - il ne faut pas faire la fine bouche


to keep morale high - garder la motivation

tiredness - fatigue

to be eager - être pressé

to end up - finir

stomach bug -  problème de digestion


pride - fierté

relief - soulagement

bush - buisson


to go into details - entrer dans les détails

to put someone off - dégouter qqn

baby wipes - lingettes

side note - détail