134 - The Future Has Arrived!

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I love technology. When I heard about 4G arriving in Reunion Island I must admit I was excited. No longer were the days of buffering when trying to stream a video, or at least that is what I thought.

I made sure my phone was fully charged and I had all the correct settings ready to finally see the 4G symbol on the 1st of December. The morning came and went, still no 4G. I couldn’t help but feel that they had somehow forgotten about me…

Around noon, I finally saw the 4G symbol. Hallelujah! I quickly went to stream some videos on the net to see the 4G in action. I was, however, a little disappointed with the speed, it didn’t seem to be as fast as the 4G in the UK. Although the videos did stream with only slight buffering, I couldn’t help but compare it to being able to watch HD videos at the push of a button. I decided to be patient, something that is very difficult for me, and see if the service improved. As the days and weeks passed the speed increased and it is now slightly comparable to that of the UK. I can now stream videos in HD but it is still not perfect.

Not only has 4G allowed Reunion Island to move with the technological times, it has also opened the floodgates for mass competition. Gone are the days of expensive phone contracts with hardly any data allowance. Now the prices are, in my opinion, more reasonable. No they are not as cheap as the UK but they are better than they were. There are now contracts, which boast 20 gigabytes of internet for as little as 25€. I think this is a massive advantage for everybody living in Reunion Island! I would go as far as to say that I think in the coming months the contracts will again reduce in price, with the introduction of other phone companies to the island.

In addition to the cheaper prices, I feel that I have better signal quality. Even when at home, I have a full signal so I no longer need to hang out of the window to try and gain a few extra bars!

As I said, I am so happy that Reunion Island is moving forward with technology and I am excited to see what the future holds for us in paradise!




no longer  = ne…plus

buffering/ to buffer = charger

to stream = regarder en streaming

at least = au moins

to make sure = vérifier


settings  = paramètres

cannot help = ne pas pouvoir s’empêcher

around = vers

hallelujah = alléluia

in action = en fonctionnement


to be disappointed = être déçu

speed = vitesse

slight = léger

to open the floodgates = ouvrir la porte à qqch

mass competition = concurrence de masse


phone contracts = forfaits

data allowance = internet inclus avec le forfait

cheaper = moins cher

signal = réseau

bars = barres