143 - Wedding Bells in Reunion - Vocabulary

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Having been a photographer and photographing a lot of weddings, I always knew that organising a wedding is a big task.  Well, when you get married in a foreign country, the number of things to get ready goes through the roof!

There's all the normal stuff - booking a place for the reception, deciding on the menu, hiring a photographer, getting the suit.... And then there's the paperwork! After visiting the Town Hall in St Paul to book the date, my wife and I very quickly realised that getting all the papers for the Town Hall would be no small task.  We received a list of the required documents and it was clear we had a lot of work to do.

There were documents that we'd never even heard of! And some that only exist in France! For two of them I had to get a letter from the British embassy explaining that they didn't exist in England! 

After a lot of long-winded overseas phone calls, we reckoned we were on the right track to getting all the things we needed.  But it wasn't over yet! A month later the papers arrived, but to our dismay, they had got wet somewhere between England and Reunion!!  They weren't destroyed but we were pretty anxious about whether the Town Hall would accept them with watermarks.  It was a nervous week waiting to hear from the Town Hall for the OK, but finally we heard, with great relief, that everything was fine and we could go ahead and get married.

By Reunion standards, our wedding wasn't a huge one.  We had 80 guests on the day, but over 50 of them had come from either Mainland France, England or Australia.. So on top of organising our wedding day, we had a lot of people to accommodate.  A few of the English and Australians hadn't even heard of Reunion, and before they booked their tickets, had to look it up just to see where it is!!

You can't come to Reunion just for a wedding! There is so much on offer here and we wanted all our friends and family to make the most of their trip and see the real Reunion.  We took them hiking in Mafate, scuba diving at Cap la Houssaye, canyoning in Trou Blanc, paragliding in St Leu and they all got to taste a real rougaill saucisse and sample the local rum!




wedding = mariage

suit = costume

Town Hall = Mairie

to book = réserver

quickly =  rapidement


embassy = ambassade

long-winded = interminable

to reckon = estimer

on the right track  = sur la bonne voie

dismay = consternation


wet = mouillé

watermarks = tâches d’eau

to go ahead  = avancer

huge = immense

to accommodate = loger


to look something up = rechercher qqch

to make the most of = profiter au maximum

hiking = randonnée

paragliding = parapente

to sample = goûter