146 - Natural Beauties - Vocabulary

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There's nothing better in life than when we feel truly lucky!  The delight comes when there are no expectations set, no worries about missing out, and having an idea about how to acknowledge and experience feelings of gratitude.

Upon coming to Reunion Island, I already felt like I had won the lottery - having found such a great opportunity, which seemed like something 'out of the blue'.

Within my first week of being here, I heard about the complete solar eclipse which was to darken the island on the 1st of September, 2016.  Best place to see it?  Oh, you know, Central Africa/Reunion Island... and even better still - it was taking place at the New Moon - a time of change and new beginnings in the Lunar Cycle.

My colleagues had organised to attend a special Solar Eclipse Meditation.  I gladly went along.  Not only did we witness the moon passing over the sun, we were also able to connect with ourselves with Tibetan bowl ceremonies, yoga, and affirmations, as well as each other (hugging each and every other attendee at the very end and celebrating such an exciting natural event together).  You couldn't wipe the smile from my face since I was just so appreciative of the whole experience.

So one can imagine my surprise when September's Full Moon conjured magma from the depths of Piton de la Fournaise to spill out from one of its many active openings!

My first attraction to La Réunion (since 2010) was its volcano, which sits in the top 3 of the World's most active. It was my first time EVER seeing a volcanic eruption, having completely missed its eruption of 2014 after my first stay on the island.

We spent a good one and a half hours driving to the site, and caught the sunrise above the clouds as we ascended La Route du Volcan.

The hike from the parking lot to the viewing point was on terrain that appears to be quite dry and rugged.  Up at those heights on the island, one gets a sense of drought, so no surprises when I had flashbacks of hiking in the Flinders Ranges back home!  I had forgotten my handy head lamp, but thanks to impeccable timing, the full moon lit most of the way for me.

So there you have it, two incredible, natural events within less than a month... a friend of mine tells me that all good things come in threes...




expectation = attente

to miss out = rater

to acknowledge = reconnaître

gratitude = reconnaissance

the lottery = la loterie


out of the blue = inattendu

to darken = assombrir

to take place = avoir lieu

colleague = collègue

gladly = avec plaisir


to connect with oneself = reconnecter avec soi-même

to wipe =  effacer

to conjure = faire apparaitre

depths = profondeurs

to spill out = se répandre


sunrise = lever du soleil

rugged = accidenté

drought = une sécheresse

Flinders Ranges = chaine de montagnes en AUS

handy = pratique