39 - Reunion Island’s Tree of the Year - Slow

Hello everybody,

It’s already November and the end of year festivities are now uppermost in most people’s minds. It’s a time for celebration and also for reflection. My own memories of Christmas and the New year are interwoven with reading articles, and watching TV specials on the highlights of the year which has come to a close and often having a chance to vote for event, car, song, sports personality etc…. of the year.

So it was a nice surprise to read whilst surfing the net last week that Great Britain has been looking for contenders leading to the vote to decide one of nature’s most marvellous of creations: its Tree of the year.

The Woodland Trust is, at present, selecting favourites from over two hundred trees in order to select an overall winner. These favourites include The Major Oak which still stands in Sherwood Forest and was a meeting place for Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Another favourite is the Norfolk Apple Tree under which Isaac Newton sat, caught a falling apple and expounded his theory of gravity.

I’m sure that everybody who listens and reads this blog will agree that trees throughout the world are a vital part of the planet’s, and indeed our own existence. Trees come in all shapes and sizes inviting mostly reassuring adjectives such as magnificent, imposing, majestic, solid etc. It seems tragic that notwithstanding this, man seems to be intent on cutting the majority of them down thus contributing to a shortage of trees, forests and woods with all the dangers this situation can bring.  The Woodland Trust’s idea is to encourage people to visit and admire trees especially in the nation’s forests and woods.

So, if Great Britain can elect a tree of the year, why not Reunion Island? 

I would like to invite all the visitors to this site to put forward their choice of tree as a prelude to selection at the end of the year. My conditions are;

1. That it should be obviously growing on Reunion Island.

2. That it should be growing on public land and not in a private garden.

There are two or three trees that personally come to mind but I’m not going to say anything. I want this to be your decision. Please add the reasons as to why you have chosen your particular tree.

Goodbye for now.



Uppermost - le plus élevé

Memories - souvenirs 

Interwoven - entrelacées

Come to a close - touche à sa fin

Whilst - pendant que


Highlights – meilleurs moments

Tree of the year – arbre de l’année

Contenders – participants

The Woodland Trust – L’ONF (Office Nationale des Forets)

Over - plus que


Overall winner - grand gagnant 

Oak - chêne

Robin Hood – Robin des Bois

Caught - attrapé

To expound - exposer


Throughout - partout dans

Notwithstanding- malgré/en dépit de

Thus - par conséquent

Especially - surtout

Put forward - soumettre