43 - Where do I Come From? - Slow

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I have a small problem.

I'm a little confused about what I should be answering when people ask me where I'm from.

Well ok. I know that I'm from the US. But after I say that I'm from the US, the next questions is always "Which part of the US?" And that's where I run into some trouble.

So...Where do you come from? What does that question actually mean? Does it mean "Where were you born?" "Where were you living before you came to Reunion?" "Where do you call home?"


You see, when I first came to Reunion, I was only supposed to be here for 7 months with a work contract as an English assistant in school. Back then, I was living in Dallas, Texas, and had been living in Texas for 5 years. My life, my college, my friends, my job... were all in Texas, and I planned on returning to live in Texas after my 7 months in Reunion. I LOVED my life in Texas. So naturally, when I first arrived in Reunion, my response to the question "Where do you come from?" was Texas! I had literally just come from there!


Except..I never made it back to Texas. Nope, life had a few twists and turns in store...and now, my life and time in Texas seem a little like a distant memory...


On the other hand, I was born in Michigan, and I lived in Michigan for the first 18 years of my life, until I joined the Army and started traveling the world. My childhood memories are of snowy Michigan winters, chasing chipmunks and deer in the forest, and raking up colorful leaves every fall. My family still lives there, and when I go back to the US to visit, that's where I go.


At some point, it stopped feeling normal to say that I come from Texas...since I won't be going back anymore. And even though I was born in Michigan, it's been so long since I've lived there that I have no idea where anything is, the roads and shops aren't familiar, and my childhood friends are long gone.


Half of my heart is still in Texas. My heritage and my family remain in Michigan. And me...I'm on the other side of the world living on a volcano in the middle of an ocean.

So, where do I come from? I don't know. What do you think? 



To run into - rencontrer

Actually - en fait

Back then - à l'époque

College - la fac

Nope - non

On the other hand - d'un autre côté

To travel - Voyager

Childhood - enfance

Winter - hiver

Chipmunk - écureuil 

Deer - cerf

To rake up - ratisser  

Fall - Automne

At some point - à un moment

Since (because) - puisque

Childhood friend - ami d'enfance

Long gone - parti depuis longtemps

To remain - rester