35 - Gypsy Party - Slow

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One day, I decided I really wanted to camp outside near the ocean, since I hadn't done it before. I gathered up some friends and named this important event a "Gypsy Party," and required everyone to dress up like cool traveling nomads.


We arrived at Etang Sale in the late afternoon and spent the first hour figuring out how to make some kind of shelter. We ended up stringing a tarp between two trees and then we put lots of colorful pillows, blankets, and snuggly things under it. We finished our little gypsy home just in time for the sunset, so we opened a bottle of champagne (I guess we were being rich gypsies) and toasted to Mother Nature.


After a while, we lit up the mini-grill and started to make dinner!! We grilled jumbo shrimp, lobster tails, sausages and a lot of veggies. For dessert, we made a classic American camping treat—s'mores! You grill a marshmallow and then you put it between two graham crackers, which are like digestive biscuits here, with a piece of chocolate in between. So you have a kind of delicious chocolate marshmallow sandwich. It was my favorite thing to do after a BBQ when I was a kid.


After dinner, we danced around near the ocean under the moonlight. I remember the stars seeming particularly bright that night, and we were all quite happy. I think we even went to bed early...around midnight! That night, I had this crazy dream that there was a pigeon who took me by the hand with his beak and was going to fly me to spiritual enlightenment. I was worried I would be too heavy for him, and suddenly I woke up—in the middle of a rainstorm!! We all got up to put the rest of our gypsy decorations under the tarp with us, thankful that it was holding strong.



Early the next morning, we made some coffee which we drank out of the left-over coconut shells. While we were discussing the events of the night, a REAL gypsy came wandering over to our camp, plopped himself down in front of us and asked for some coffee. He was wearing a torn pillowcase for a shirt, and he muttered how there aren't many people left like us---people who know how to live off the land. He went on a long, strange rant about the government and finally, we were able to give him some food and send him on his gypsy way. You know you did a gypsy party right when you start attracting real gypsies! 




To gather up - rassembler

To travel - voyager

To figure out - comprendre

Shelter - abri

To string - attacher


Tarp - bâche

Pillow - oreiller

Blanket - couveture

Snuggly - câlins

Shrimp - crevette


Lobster tails - queues de homard

Marshmallow - guimauve

Moonlight - clair de lune

Enlightenment - éclaircissement

Rainstorm - pluie torrentielle


Left-over - qui reste

To wander - vagabonder

To plop down - s'asseoir

Pillowcase - taie d'oreiller

To attract - attirer